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Bosch Jet Thruster For Your Motorcycle! – Greater Safety On Two Wheels


Safety is one of the most urgent challenges in the motorcycle market. Whether smart assistance systems or connectivity packages, Bosch offers many solutions that make roads safer for motorcyclists. And with its innovative research projects, it is already planning for the next stages of development.

source/image: BOSCH

Whether wet leaves, an oil spill, or gravel on the road surface, wheels begin to slip sideways if they can no longer apply sufficient lateral force in a curve.In situations such as these, motorcyclists have practically no chance of righting their bikes.

source/image: BOSCH

Ideally, keeping them safely on course would require applying additional external lateral force. This is the idea behind the sliding mitigation Bosch is developing in a research project. Like a magic hand, it keeps the motorcycle on track and considerably reduces the risk of a fall.


A sensor detects sideways wheel slip. If a certain value is exceeded, gas is released from a gas accumulator of the type used in passenger-car airbags. The gas flows into the tank adapter and is vented in a certain direction through a nozzle. This reverse thrust keeps the motorcycle on track.

The air jet is powered by the same type of gas charge that inflates a passenger car airbag, directed through a nozzle that precisely aims the charge to counteract the skid. Unfortunately, that means the air jet can only be deployed once, the same as your car’s airbags.