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Brik Bikes Shaft-Driven Chainless Bicycle

These kind of bikes were first built at the end of the 19th century. They were at that time very popular because of the wide clothing the people wore. The chain driven bicycles became more popular and it’s quality became better. it was cheaper to produce so it was a big opponent for the drive shafts.

source: brikbikes / image: BRIKfietsen

Only the army used it at that time because they needed systems that were reliable, maintenance friendly en durable.Brik Bikes was founded around the concept of building chainless Dutch-made commuter bikes that would operate trouble-free for years without any real need for maintenance.

Characteristic for all of Brikbikes is the use of a drive shaft. They believe in this system because it has proven to have a lot of advantages compared to a chained bike. The shaft-drive is reliable, strong and maintenance is not necessary.


How does it work? Next to the treadle on the right you’ll find two gears, placed perpendicular so the gear an axle. On the end of that axle, near the rear-wheel you find another set of perpendicular gears who bring the power tot the hub. The hub will empower the wheel to turn.

A drive shaft need only a little care. The reason why is because it is a closed system filled with special oil to lubricate the inner parts. Because you need to be able to take the rear wheel out, the back part of the prop shaft is partly open.