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Bruder EXP-4 Overland Off Road Camper Trailer Spec


Access a world of adventure with the Bruder EXP-4 – the ultimate off road camper trailer. The Bruder EXP-4 is the benchmark for capable, compact fully off-road camper trailers. Intuitive technology and unrivalled quality allow you to access the most remote of locations with ease. Leave the crowd behind.

source/image: Bruder

The patented Bruder suspension system has revolutionised off-road adventure and camping, with the Bruder EXP-4 able to level out uneven terrain and counteract steep slopes on the move.Designed to soak up bumps, undulations, and corrugations like no other off-road, off grid camper trailer, you will only get there with a Bruder.

The body cell has been engineered to handle up to 10 times its own body weight, and tested for durability in 50°C (122°F) ambient heat and -20°C high altitude conditions.


Internally the EXP-4 offers a huge sense of space. With plenty of storage woven through the streamlined design the interior can be tailored to accommodate young children, and a roof-top tent can also be optioned, to provide sleeping for families of six.