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Bubble T Foiling Electric Water Five-Passenger Taxi


Thee SeaBubbles offer an eco-friendly and enjoyable way to explore waterways thanks to the combination of a clean propulsion and fully automated hydrofoils. By reducing our impact and flying above the water, we experience the most attractive luxury there is : the beauty of Nature.

source.image: SeaBubbles

Designed for 5 passengers, our uniquely designed Bubble sails at 12 knots (22 km/h).Thanks to its automated flight system, the boat balances itself naturally. All you need is a regular boating license to pilot it with ease!

This foiler has the fastest take-off on the market. At 6 knots, the hull leaves the water and moves into flying position in just 3 seconds. This boat is ideal for low-speed areas requiring minimum disturbance to the water surface.


Available in two versions, the Bubble is available as a closed model for all-weather sailing, or as an “open-air” convertible for panoramic viewing.Combining the sensations of navigation and flight, SeaBubble offers a new transportation experience in harmony with nature and the environment.