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Bugatti Atlantic Concept Car Secret Bugatti That Was Never Made


This is the secret 2015 Bugatti Atlantic that never made it into a production vehicle.The Bugatti Atlantic is a modern version of the Bugatti Atlantic Type 57.It remained as a prototype and was built in Wolfsburg, the headquarters of Volkswagen.It is also nicknamed the Bugatti Pebble.

source/image: Supercar Blondie

The Atlantic incorporates several elements of the Volkswagen Group, which would have made the car less expensive than the other Bugattis marketed at the time, and therefore make it its entry-level.Watch the video from Supercar Blondie:

A 4-liter V8 engine was intended for it, as well as a carbon chassis. Two models were planned for sale, namely the coupe and roadster versions, with thermal or electric engines.


The vehicle was also to benefit from technological research intended for the Porsche Taycan. A chrome backbone runs from the hood to the rear, recalling and therefore paying homage to the 1936 modern car.

VIASupercar Blondie
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