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Couple’s DIY ProMaster With Gorgeous Live Edge Walnut Counters


Josh and Bryn opted to live in their van and adopt a nomadic lifestyle after purchasing a home and finding it wasn’t for them! The kitchen has a gorgeous live edge countertop of black walnut and all electric appliances, including a top-loading refrigerator on drawer slides. An extraordinary circular porthole window provides an interesting touch, and the upper cabinets provide a ton of storage space!

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

For dining and working, Josh and Bryn repurposed an Ikea door by cutting it in half to make two swivel tables that can be easily stored away. They also have a stand-up shower installed in the interior, complete with a compost toilet.Watch the video from Tiny Home Tours:

Their tiny home ceiling is unique, adding to the cozy and personalized feel of the space. Josh and Bryn installed a laptop stand beneath the cabinets above their bed, perfect for working on the go or movies in bed!


The van has a spacious garage where they store all their outside toys, batteries, and extra shoes in addition to the living area. They feel safe and at home wherever they go because the back and each side door have additional secret locks!/source