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Building A Concrete Block Wall, With Concrete Masonry Units


Building a concrete block wall (with concrete masonry units, core-fill grout and mortar or mason mix) is one of the more involved building projects that requires careful planning and a little heavy lifting, but easy to accomplish with QUIKRETE Mason Mix (in the green bag).

source/image: QUIKRETE

This video shows you how to build a wall, using cinder blocks (concrete masonry units, CMUs) and QUIKRETE® Mason Mix, as the mortar.The use of blockwork allows structures to be built in the traditional masonry style with layers of staggered blocks.

Concrete blocks may be produced with hollow centers to reduce weight or improve insulation. All concrete block walls must rest on a sturdy foundation of poured concrete.


Each row of blocks is joined to the adjoining blocks with either type N or type S mortar.Freestanding block walls can be subject to stresses that can crack joints and destroy walls, so both vertical and horizontal reinforcement is common.