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A 3D Printed Waterproof & Breathable Arm Cast

Cast21 creates waterproof cast and brace alternatives for broken bones and joint pain, allowing you to enjoy your life’s adventures – even during the healing process.Our unique method is not 3D printed and can adapt to your body shape.

source/image(PrtSc): Cast21 Official

The patented design is constructed from a wide mesh sleeve filled with two liquid resins which are molded into the correct position for each patient—and it is even available in a range of vibrant colors. read more: cast21

The comfort of wearing a 3D printed cast and a traditionally manufactured one is not even comparable.


3D printing gives the ultimate comfort while the healing process of broken bones is completed.The device is also faster to apply than traditional casts. Doctors start by measuring the damaged limb using a flexible measuring tape.

Once they’ve selected the correct size, they slide a flexible, slightly padded, sleeve onto their patient’s arm.Plaster casts are also not waterproof and will break down if wet,while the 3D printed casts are able to resist water limitations while providing additional benefits based on the designs.