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Building a 1500sq. ft Off-Grid Cabin In 56 Days, Timelaps

“My Grandfather has built over 20 homes in his life, for neighbours, for family, for himself. When Grandpa had the dream of building one final log cabin, and passing along his knowledge to his grandsons, we knew we had to make it happen.”via: Mountain Fire Woodworks

source/image(PrtSc): Mountain Fire Woodworks

This video documents the 56 days that we spent together in the Canadian Rockies, building the only log cabin that will remain in the family for generations to come.Mountain Fire Woodworks

We learned about log work, about each other, and about ourselves. We serendipitously met countless kind people who played crucial roles in the completion of this cabin, to them, thank you. I hope you enjoy watching from the comfort of your nice warm sawdust free environment.


This 1500sq ft. cabin was built in the mountains and wilderness near Golden British Columbia in just 56 days, Canada. The cabin will be off-grid and powered using a 9 KW home-made hydro generator located on the properties small creek. Continuing forward, Mountain Fire Woodworks will transition into professional log cabin building.via: Mountain Fire Woodworks