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Building a Cable Wrapping Machine


The construction on this episode is about the wrapping of cables, piping of air conditioners and generally on anything that requires long wrapping. The wrapping with a tape is a procedure that is handmade and requires time, accuracy and it is generally joyless.

source.image: Make it Extreme

Therefore, we decided to make a portable machine that will be able to wrap many things. Our construction was also chosen not so much for its necessity but especially for its experience as many ideas can be applied and made with a similar construction.

The construction started by cutting a gear of module 2 and with a diameter of 20cm. On the gear we applied a motor taken from a car’s window. This motor spins the gear, which spins the tape around the object that is used for wrapping. The gear is stabled on a metallic basis with six wheels on which there is a channel leading the gear to spin accurately and remain stable.


There is a missing part on the gear which enables the piece that needs wrapping to pass from the centre of the gear to achieve wrapping. A switch that we placed at the handle of the machine and a battery enable the motor to spin when the user presses the button.