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Building A Custom Split Wheel Motorcycle Concept


Sean Kerr and friends at Youtube channel Bikes And Beards decided to try building a motorcycle with a split back wheel.They splitted the wheel in two and then went about making it all fully functional for everyday use.

source/image: Bikes and Beards

This is how regular math looks: 0.5+0.5=1 so, in bikematics it sould works as well.The build starts with a Honda CBR250. The lightweight starter bike was fitted with an extended steel swingarm in order to mount an extra rear wheel cribbed from another CBR250. Watch the video from Bikes and Beards:

From there, it’s a matter of keeping the wheels in sync to make sure there’s always a half-tire touching down when the other’s lifting up. This he achieves with a second chain running between the two rear wheels, and then he fits it all up with the two wheels locked in opposite orientations throughout the rotation.


At this point, the real challenge began, however. The team had to figure out how to make the bike run with two rear half-wheels instead.Does this new design of bicycle replace the traditional whole-wheel design? Absolutely not, but it’s fun to watch nonetheless.