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Building Beautiful Boldly-Colored Monsters in Mexico


All across Mexico, fantastical creatures can be found dotting the streets, covered in bright colors, giant wings, bulging eyes and viper tongues. These are alebrijes, papier-mâché creations that have become a staple of Mexican folk art.via: Great Big Story

source/image(PrtSc): Great Big Story

But how did these beautiful monsters come to be? That’s all thanks to one man with a dream. As history has it, after falling into an unconscious state, Pedro Linares dreamed up a series of horrific creatures.

Upon waking, he created his first sculpture. Today, his family continues to carry on the tradition of monster-making, keeping Pedro’s visions alive.


The art tradition is a source of pride for Mexico: it represents enormous creativity, life, beauty, and joy, and the alebrije parades are one of the few mass celebrations that aren’t based on historical events or religion.