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Building Differential Braking Tank Transmission System


The systems that exist, today, are dual drive, twin transmission or geared steering, clutch braking, differential braking and other. We, on this video, present the making of the differential braking system.

source/image(PrtSc): Make it Extreme

The differential system, as it is known, is used by cars and it is the mechanism that resolves the problem of turning these vehicles by defining which wheel will be moved faster or slower during the turning.Initially, we took a broken differential system from a BMW car and we modified it. read more: makeitextreme

We, first, changed the power supply of the movement that occurs with a chain in order to be connected to a machine taken from a motorbike. Then, we made a box, in which all the movable parts are located and need lubrication.


Therefore, we made this metallic box to be oil sealed. At the two exit points, where the transmission of the movement will be occurred to the crawlers, we put a disc brake on each accordingly. In this way, we managed to block the movement of the vehicle to any of the two exits and force it to turn to the direction we want.