Home Technology California Man Builds 10 Street Legal Bumper Cars

California Man Builds 10 Street Legal Bumper Cars


A FAMILY has become used to turning heads while driving their fleet of 10 bumper cars on California’s roads.

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

In this week’s episode of Ridiculous Rides, vehicles are taken from the amusement park to the open roads. Tom Wright, a builder, used his engineering skills to transform the fairground rides.// Barcroft Cars

Acquiring the first car, finding the right components, making the frames and sending the bodies for paint took a year to complete.


All this hard work was worth it at the end though, when Tom takes the 10 bumpers for a spin with friends and family. “The smiles, waves and the honks make the hobby worth doing.”via/read more: Barcroft Cars

VIABarcroft Cars
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