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Campus Shuttle Futuristic Urban Mobility Concept


This is Campus Shuttle – our vision for urban mobility. We are Nils Achenbach and Kilian Wiesmann, two young designers from Germany. During our industrial design studies at Coburg University we joint forces with Brose, the german automotive supplier, to create a radical new approach to the way a people mover looks, feels and integrates into our modern world.

source/image(PrtSc): CampusShuttle

Campus Shuttle is a mobility concept that boasts a futuristic, sleek profile, bringing public transportation out of the ’60s. The designers prioritized accessibility and versatility with Campus Shuttle to guarantee a smooth ride. A retractable wheelchair access ramp bridges the edge of the curb at the shuttle’s entrance.

source/image(PrtSc): CampusShuttle

Curated animations and pre-programmed LED signal lights communicate with other vehicles on the road.This vehicle serves as a “last-mile” alternative that connects specific areas with hubs of public transportation. Campus Shuttle features minimalist design language with many features, informative graphics, and smart technology at the same time.


Why Campus Shuttle? Well, since these designers are students at Coburg University of Applied Sciences, it’s no brainer to come up with this original idea.

Central to the design of “Campus Shuttle” is a low base-frame, which incorporates an intelligent rail mechanism. The central column, including a 70″ inch display, reinforces a structure made of glass and aluminum.Independently controlled motors can move the vehicle’s glass panels to open the vehicle’s exterior façade by 160° degrees.//nilsachenbach

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