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Custom Ford Explorer Gets Insane $135k Makeover


Cool, expensive and fun – these are the three words Franklin Williams, from Onslow County, North Carolina, uses to describe his beloved ‘Sexcursion’ – one of the most decorative SUVs in America. Starting as a regular truck used for work, the Ford Explorer was nothing out of the ordinary until Franklin decided to transform it into a show truck.

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

For the next five years, Franklin spent a whopping sum of $135,000 to build ‘Sexcursion’, a 14,500lbs, 600HP super duty masterpiece powered by a 6L diesel engine with 5-speed transmission.

Armed with Lamborghini doors and wheels powder coated in candy gold, ‘Sexcursion’ has seats and a steering wheel wrapped in alligator skin leather. The trunk is equipped with a 16-inch curved flat screen that allows you to enjoy a football game whenever you want.


With its extravagant look, ‘Sexcursion’ has won over 100 awards and gets noticed wherever she goes. “Everywhere I go, people just stop me and wanna take pictures, wanna see it go up and down. I haven’t had one hater yet,” Franklin said. “It’s either go big or go home. She’s good to go.”/Barcroft Cars

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