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Can A G-Wagon Actually Climb A 100% Grade


The 2019 Mercedes G550 is an extraordinary machine, capable of incredible off-road feats, including climbing a 100% grade, which this video will discuss in detail.

source/image: Engineering Explained

In order to climb a 100% grade, the right elements have to come together: the engine, the transmission, the 4WD system, the tires, and of course the overall package and weight distribution. Watch the video from Engineering Explained for more info:

What is so special about climbing a 100% slope? What about the G-Class allows it to be capable of ascending such an incline? Can the G-Class actually do it?


The video above brakes it all down, from road testing to measure the vehicle’s tires grip, to an analysis of the center of gravity. Mercedes has improved upon a legendary icon, the G-Class./Engineering Explained