Home Technology Cantilevered Containers Become Popup Housing For NYC Creators

Cantilevered Containers Become Popup Housing For NYC Creators

New York City rents are unattainable for most artists, but at one marina in Queens, stacked shipping containers provide instant access to livework spaces.

source/image(PrtSc): Kirsten Dirksen

Eight intermodal containers stacked two high serve as work spaces for artists making surfboards, blowing glass and crafting jewelry. The containers are cantilevered to provide patio space for the upstairs units.

Jewelry-maker/photographer Katherine Coates uses most of one floor of containers to create jewelry (often using glass remnants from the glassworker upstairs), postcards and art from found materials (stored along the walls).


Even without running water, Coates created a kitchen relying on a Berkey water filter, drinking water collected from a Long Island spring, plus a toaster oven, hot plates and mini fridge. There is a community bathroom in a separate container. Behind the containers Coates has turned most available space into gardens. She also forages for local foods.via: Kirsten Dirksen