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Category-Definin Electric Autonomous Delivery Vehicle


The Udelv Transporter is the world’s first category-defining cab-less autonomous battery electric delivery vehicle for multi-stop delivery routes, engineered to lower delivery costs and unlock new services for last- and middle-mile deliveries.

source/image: Udelv

Designed specifically to minimize Total Cost of Ownership, the Udelv Transporter is the only electric autonomous delivery vehicle that is capable of 80 stops and 270 miles per delivery run.

Built with the future in mind, our approach takes advantage of no in cab driver, removing the cabin, seats, steering wheel and more. Every facet of the vehicle was engineered with fast, low cost deliveries in mind and to maximize load capacity.


The Transporter uses a combination of autonomous driving technology and remote-control operations to take it from point A to point B within a defined geographical area.The detachable uPod includes proprietary software-controlled robotic mechanisms that form variable apertures revealing cargo destined for each customer.

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