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Small Tiny On Wheels That Raises To Two-Storied House


This one-of-a-kind small house features a lift that raises the roof, creating two levels. But, when the top is lowered, it becomes tiny enough to cross state lines without a license.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

The 8-foot width of tiny houses makes it highly practical to have more than one use for several items. For instance, the office stools feature storage and double as couch side tables.

Having a dishwasher, uncommon in tiny homes, was Arya and Laurence’s top priority. Therefore they made the deliberate choice to give up a stove/oven. The compact house also includes storage space inside the stairs, a washer and dryer, and a massive bathroom with a windowed shower.


The master bedroom is located upstairs next to a multipurpose room that can serve as extra space, an office, a fitness area, or storage. There are countless options!