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Centrifugal Clutch In Slow Motion Pushed To Failure

I push Centrifugal clutches to failure and thermal overload while filming them with the high-speed camera in slow motion and Ultra slow motion.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

I also show how clutches work in slow motion, this is a very entertaining video for something as mundane as a clutch, I had to make a crazy I had to make an exciting, there was hot metal flying everywhere so I hope you enjoy it!I really thought the images were quite beautiful in slow motion.//Warped Perception

2-Cycle Engine I Used: 1.Rovan 29cc 4-Bolt Motor Engine with Booster Pump for HPI Baja 5b 5T King Motor Buggy LOSI FG GoPed.8000 RPM clutch installed.Rovan (Walbro clone) Carburetor (Idle screw, low/high needle adjustments with choke) .Powerful 29cc air cooled 4 bolt head, two stroke motor (over 3.5HP). 2. The second an Rovan RC Car engine.



A centrifugal clutch is an automatic clutch that uses centrifugal force to operate. The output shaft is disengaged at low rotational speed and engages more as speed increases. It is often used in mopeds, underbones, lawn mowers, go-karts, chainsaws, mini bikes./wikipedia