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Civ Model 1 Electric Bike With Expandable Hard Shell Panniers


The 2022 Civ Model 1 makes ordinary trips fun, easy, and fast. With 80 liters / 50 lbs of storage capacity and a super smooth air ride that keeps you safe and comfortable while protecting your stuff from potholes and broken surfaces.

source/image(PrtSc): Civilized Cycles

The Model 1 is equally at home over city potholes, suburban speed bumps, and unpaved country roads. Our patented technology automatically adjusts the suspension to perfectly match the weight on the ebike, ensuring a silky smooth, confident ride over any surface. Patented, weather resistant, lockable integrated panniers make carrying your stuff a breeze.

A 750W mid-drive motor is paired with a 5-speed Sturmey Archer rear-wheel hub transmission, and is controlled with either pedal assist or a “Launch Control” throttle.With up to 50 lbs of cargo carrying capacity cushioned by a real suspension, wearing a backpack is a thing of the past. Commuting with a laptop in professional clothes, grocery runs, or even a rough road camping trip is easy.


The rides are said to seat two adults, or one adult and two kids, comfortably, using a step-through frame fashioned from hydroformed aluminum. Having convenient, secure storage means running errands to multiple locations is simple and easy.

Secure your ebike with a PIN on the integrated display, or lock the frame with the provided lock points.The battery is one of the most expensive components in an ebike, so we make the most of it. Our lightweight, low profile battery has dual USB ports to charge and power your devices on or off the bike./Civilized Cycles