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Clever Crow Creates Hook From TWIGS To Get His Grubs


There are few places our Spy Creatures can’t go as Spy Grub and Spy Crow explore the intelligent behaviour of the Caledonian crow as he fishes for grubs using sticks!They are the craftiest of crows, known for their ability to adapt twigs into tools to help them eke out tasty morsels.

source/image: JohnDownerProd

Now biologists have revealed why New Caledonian crows go to such an extent to craft the bespoke hooks: for their love of “fast food”.

In this video filmed by John Downer Productions, a crow realizes it can’t reach the bugs inside a narrow hole, so it finds a small stick and proceeds to go fishing.


And biologists from St Andrews and Edinburgh Universities have discovered that using a hooked stick lets the crows wine out bugs and seeds up to 10 times more quickly than a straight stick.Their study in Nature Ecology & Evolution found that the birds go to enormous lengths to make the hooks – but that it pays off.

VIA JohnDownerProd
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