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Coca Cola and Drain Cleaner, The Secret Of The Aluminum Can – Amazing Experiment


What secret is an ordinary aluminum soda can hiding? Secret clear film inside most drinks tins is revealed by burning off the aluminium around it.An Aluminum can is cov­ered with a pro­tec­tive lay­er not only on the out­side, but on the in­side as well!

source/image: Home Science

When we re­move its paint coat­ing, we ex­pose the alu­minum, which eas­i­ly re­acts with a drain clean­er that con­tains an al­ka­line com­po­nent. Watch the video from Home Science for more info:

But even when the alu­minum has dis­solved com­plete­ly, the drink will not leak out. There is a sec­ond ma­te­ri­al in­side the can – a lay­er of plas­tic that keeps the drink it­self from in­ter­act­ing with the alu­minum.


High levels of aluminium in the body can be toxic and excess levels can cause bone and brain abnormalities.The plastic liner forms a barrier between the product and metal, providing protection against food-borne diseases.Do not try this at home!

VIA Home Science
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