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Common Mistakes Left Turn Road Traffic


One of the most challenging maneuvers for a driver to make — a left turn — is also one of its most dangerous for pedestrians.Turning left without looking first. Always check both sides of the street you’re about to cross. If pedestrians are in or about to enter the intersection, wait in the turn lane.

source: wheels /image: kolumitaayi

If you turn halfway and then have to stop for them, you’re exposed to oncoming traffic. Pointing wheels left while waiting to make a turn. Keep them straight, otherwise you’ll be pushed into oncoming traffic if struck from behind. Many fatalities result from this common error each year.Watch the video for more info:

Proceeding blindly when view blocked by opposing left turn traffic (like a tractor-trailer) at intersection. If you follow the lane position procedure above, you’ll have the best possible view of oncoming traffic, your wheels are safely pointed straight ahead, and there’s no need to blindly encroach oncoming lanes.


Not coming to a full stop at a stop sign intersection before turning. The problem with running a stop sign to save time is that the driver on the cross street may have the same idea. It’s a paradox of time and consequence that if there are only two cars out on the road, they’ll often collide.

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