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Composite Restoration Of Fractured Anterior Tooth Is Satisfying To Watch


The use of composite resins for anterior teeth restoration is a procedure that demands from the clinician a special commitment, from the planning to execution, combining art and science using a minimal invasive approach that allows more tissue preservation with optimal aesthetic and functional outcome.

source: styleitaliano / image:  Luiz Fernando

The polycromatic complexity and color selection of the restoration is one of the most challenging stages, the opctical features of the dentin, enamel and their simultaneous coexistance are the ones that determine the final color of the tooth.

Stratification techniques have as an objective to reach the color from the inside to the outsied through the combination of dentin and enamel composites, chormatic and achormatic, effects, using small increments in each layer of the restoration. /styleitaliano


The main goal of performing direct restorations with composite resins is to handle an easy workflow that allows the clinician to have a predictable, natural, functional and long lasting result. Composite resin is a tooth-friendly material, and it allows a minimally invasive approach; color selection is always a challenge for the clinician, in the present article, a simple method is proposed and on top of that, a digital method to enhance the present characterizations of the natural teeth. Combining science and art and the thorough observation of the natural details must concern the clinician from the beginning to the very end.