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ConsuLab Hybrid Planetary Gearset Trainer

ConsuLab’s EM-200-29 Hybrid Planetary Gearset Trainer is designed to help automotive instructors teach and students to understand the somewhat complex operation of a typical hybrid vehicle drivetrain.

source/image(PrtSc): ConsulabOfficial

Based on a typical Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle, the trainer provides easy visualization of driveline component operation including:ICE (Internal Combustion Engine), MG1 (Motor/generator # 1), MG2 (Motor/generator # 2), Drive wheels.

The EM-200-29 trainer is designed to have students manually rotate, hold or release each component using hand cranks.The OPERATION DIAGRAM identifies which component is held, driven and/or spins freely in each mode. Students either hold or turn hand cranks to demonstrate each mode. This allows full visualization of each mode for better understanding of system operation.


Each of the four components will react exactly as it does in the vehicle including changes in the direction of rotation of MG1. Diagnostic scenarios can also be created for example by showing what would happen if MG1 fails. In some modes, two students are required to operate all components on the trainer.