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Convercycle eBike 2in1 Urban Utility Bike With a Hidden Trunk


The Convercycle Bike – 2in1 urban utility bike with a hidden trunk, that can carry up to 180 Kg.The Convercycle Bike combines the advantages of a short and maneuverable city bike with the transport possibilities of a cargo bike.

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The Convercycle Bike is a unique means of transport that fits perfectly into modern everyday life and offers a completely new flexibility to urban life.With the Convercycle Bike you can easily transport. Whether crates of drinks, packages, musical instruments, sport equipment or a spontaneous purchase. Everything finds its place in the load basket with a loading area of 40 cm x 60 cm.

You can transport your goods emission-free, sporty and without looking for a parking space.In the folded state, the City mode, the compact dimensions of the Convercycle Bike allow you to maneuver with a small turning circle. You’ll be able to move around the city the way you’re used to on a normal bike.


The Convercycle Bike is around 2 meters long in City mode and can therefore easily be taken on public transport, such as the bicycle compartment on trains.You want to transport your dog by bike? No problem with the Convercycle Bike! A suitable crate or even animal transport boxes can be easily integrated, since we adhere to the Euronorm dimensions 40 cm x 60 cm for the basket dimensions./convercycle

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