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Lazzarini Shape Futuristic 226-Foot Superyacht Concept


Lazzarini Shape futuristic 226-foot superyacht concept features a giant hole in the middle of its superstructure.Design studio Lazzarini unveiled the impressive Shape 69m superyacht, a revolutionary concept with a giant hole in the middle.

source/image(PrtSc): lazzarinidesignstudio

The Shape with 3.9m draft and 12m height, can accommodate 12 guests across six cabins located at the aft the vessel.The big void in the middle acts as a deck for passengers right above the water’s surface.

A glass-bottom pool is located on the upper deck and a helipad.Shape stands out from the rest by avoiding an unnecessarily elaborate design and by instead having a striking silhouette.


Because we placed a void inside the concept’s superstructure, there is a real luxury quality about the living space./wordlesstech

VIALazzarini Design
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