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Tardigrade World’s First Moon Concept Motorcycle


Introducing the Tardigrade – The world’s first moon concept motorcycle. Inspired by future and past adventures to orbit, Andrey Fabishevsky visualized a lunar concept motorcycle back in 2020.

source/image(PrtSc): Hookie Co.

An exploration vision that Nico Mueller (CEO, Hookie Co.) and his crew realized from the technical site. The Tardigrade will be displayed from mid-October 2021 at the Automotive Petersen Museum as a part of the ADV:Overland exhibition.

The Tardigrade Motorcycle is build to explore the moon’s surface and beyond. The passenger can carry different types of equipment and with a speed limit of 15km/h (9 mph) it has a battery range for almost 110km.


A combination of ultra lightweight materials and changeable airless tire pieces allows the Space-Crew to tackle any obstacle on its mission. It was a vision with hurdles. But we proofed it./Hookie Co.

VIAHookie Co.
SOURCEHookie Co.
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