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Convert Any Bike Into An E-Bike In Seconds


Rubbee X makes every bike electric. It has batteries, electronics and a motor that touches the rear tire of the bike. It also has a wireless cadence sensor that tracks Your pedaling pattern and adapts the electric assist automatically.

source/image(PrtSc): Rubbee

Its patented quick-release lock technology enables Rubbee to be installed and detached with one hand, in just one second. Make Your bike electric.The box can take up to three battery modules, and the more you put in the more assistance you get.

With one module you get a 10 mile range, 250W of power and a top speed of 16mph. Two gets you a 20 mile range and the same 16mph top speed, and used with three modules you get a top assisted speed of 20mph and 350W of power.


The Rubbee X weighs just 8.8 pounds with three lithium-ion batteries installed, and can deliver a 350W electric boost to the rear wheel, but the bike can also be ridden conventionally without the device touching the wheel.