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CopterPack Electric Backpack Helicopter Manned Drone


A backpack helicopter is a helicopter motor and rotor and controls assembly that can be strapped to a person’s back, so they can walk about on the ground wearing it, and can use it to fly.

source/image(PrtSc): CopterPack

CopterPack is an electric backpack helicopter with a self-levelling autopilot. The lightweight airframe is constructed from carbon fiber honeycomb.

The Australian company of the same name designed the CopterPack much differently from other models in the past.The unique thing about CopterPack is that your body becomes part of the aircraft.


CopterPack is currently in the early development stage. The recent tethered test of the prototype enabled evaluation of the flight dynamics and aircraft stabilisation.

The power and stability of the CopterPack are generated by its two large rotors. Each of the two rotors on the CopterPack reaches about three feet in diameter.The futuristic form of personal transport is quite impressive, but there is very limited information about the specifications of the electric backpack helicopter./CopterPack