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Sovrano 169 Meters Giga Yacht Concept


Named Sovrano for his sovereignty in the dimensions, it is conceived to be constructed in steel and lightweight carbon fibre composites.Lazzarini Design has presented their latest concept the gigayacht Sovrano.The mega yacht will have enought autonomy to circumnavigate the world.Sovrano spans five decks and is defined by a three-storey well cut into the foredeck.

source/image(PrtSc): Lazzarini Design

The three main floors connects and overlook into a large openable patio area, this area disposes of a garden with pool and various suites/gym facilities access.

The shape of Sovrano, provide on the main deck the possibility to locate twin heliports, alternatively the same space can be converted into a pool or spacious lounge areas.


Sovrano would be built from a combination of steel and carbon fibre composites and powered by a fully-electric propulsion system delivering a top speed of 31 knots. Sovrano measure 169 meters (555 ft)./lazzarinidesignstudio

VIALazzarini Design
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