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Hoover Dam Secrets Of The Engineering Wonder Animation


The Hoover Dam is the largest concrete framework dam in America and is a massive tourist attraction for people across the globe.

source/image(PrtSc): Lesics

The magnificent Hoover Dam which was constructed 80 years ago, still stands strong and serves the US in the fields of irrigation, flood control, and power production. Watch the video from Lesics for more info:

Even during a torrential rainfall you won’t see Hoover dam overflowing like this causing destruction. Welcome to the engineering secrets of Hoover Dam. In this video, you are going to assume the role of Hoover Dam design engineer Mr. John Savage and design and construct a gigantic dam in Arizona’s Colorado River.


The dam is protected against over-topping by two spillways. The spillway entrances are located behind each dam abutment, running roughly parallel to the canyon walls.

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