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CopterPack Electric Backpack Helicopter


A backpack helicopter is a helicopter motor and rotor and controls assembly that can be strapped to a person’s back, so they can walk about on the ground wearing it, and can use it to fly. A new type of personal flying device has been shown off on video, and it’s called the CopterPack.

source/image(PrtSc): CopterPack

CopterPack is the creation of an Australian startup by the same name.CopterPack is an electric backpack helicopter with a self-levelling autopilot. The lightweight airframe is constructed from carbon fiber honeycomb.

There are no complicated flight controls; the rotors move back-and-forth on a central axle.That movement allows the pilot to control their path in the sky.


The company says the CopterPack has a self-leveling autopilot feature.According to the team behind the device, it uses just two rotor blades to lift a full-grown human off the ground. Each rotor is around 3 feet.

The video demonstrates the CoptorPack’s apparent flight characteristics with apparent seamless forward and sideways capabilities and easy yaw control. CopterPack really doesn’t offer any tantalizing information teasing the backpack’s long-term capabilities. We imagine the battery would severely limit flight time./CopterPack

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