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Couple Living in a Yurt Tiny House Alternative


Leah and Joe are an adventurous couple who moved from a log cabin into a skoolie, and then into a yurt! They are now living full-time in a tiny yurt with their two black cats in Ontario, Canada.

source.image: Exploring Alternatives

The yurt is 20′ in diameter and 314 square feet on the interior, the round structure is made of white pine lattice walls and roof rafters, and it is covered with wool felt insulation, a vapour barrier, and a canvas cover on the exterior.

At the time of filming, Leah and Joe had only been living in the yurt for 5 months, but they had already built a massive deck, set up their yurt as a cozy home, built an outhouse, brought in an electrical panel, built a woodshed and outdoor shower, and had a well drilled.


Their future plans include adding a septic system, and building a comfort station with an indoor shower and toilet, and they’re also looking into setting up a small yurt resort so that folks can visit the First Nation reserve where they live, and experience living and sleeping in a yurt.