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Woman’s Self Built Dream Tiny Home On Wheels


Welcome to an exciting tour of a self-converted 2019 Ram ProMaster van, lovingly named Blinda, crafted by Alexi with her sister’s help. Today, you get an exclusive look inside this unique mobile home. Let’s jump right into it!As you step into Blinda, your eyes are immediately drawn to the ceiling, a creative masterpiece inspired by an Instagram post. Originally designed as a floor, this innovative use as a ceiling sets the tone for the entire van.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Right at the entrance, the kitchen awaits. You see a setup inspired by another van tour, perfectly designed to face breathtaking views while cooking. Notice the flip-up countertop and swivel seat, cleverly doubling as a mini dining area. Although equipped with an induction cooktop, you might ponder the convenience of propane.

Discover the multifunctional kitchen sink that swivels and extends outdoors – ideal for showering off or various outdoor tasks. Below lies an array of storage solutions, including a fridge essential for storing both food and vital medical supplies. Ahead, the living room transitions seamlessly into a bedroom. The sage green cushions add a touch of glamour, exemplifying how this space is more than just a van; it’s a cozy, adaptable home.


The journey to crafting this luxury camper stemmed from a desire to fully embrace van life. With a total investment around $44,000, including purchase and customization, the aim was to blend comfort with elegance. The self-constructed bathroom, complete with a windowed sliding barn door, adds a sense of openness. The 30-gallon water tank ensures comfort and convenience, even when off-grid.