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Couple’s Box Truck Build Offers Couple Financial Freedom


Meet Shelby & Shane, plus their pup Monte, as they showcase their incredible box truck conversion, ‘Escanor.’ After feeling tired of working long hours & yet still only being able to scrape by from month to month, Shelby & Shane started looking into living nomadically. After viewing several other rigs, they stumbled upon the box truck & decided it felt like a place they could call home.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

Their rig features a six foot L-shaped couch with a swivel table that doubles as an office & dining space, a kitchen, tons of hanging closet space, a full sized shower, & wait for it a microwave! Their incredible box truck truly has it all & is filled with wall art that represents who they are as people.

Since living on the road, Shelby has used her free time to start a custom embroidered bracelet business, & Shane has discovered his love for spoon carving.


You can find their incredible crafts on their Etsy shop “Box Truck Crafts,” which currently features the custom bracelets & soon to come are Shane’s one-of-a-kind spoons.