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Lockheed’s Concept Ring Wing Airliner


A closed wing is a wing that effectively has two main planes which merge at their ends so that there are no conventional wing tips. Closed wing designs include the annular wing (commonly known as the cylindrical or ring wing), the joined wing, the box wing and spiroid tip devices.

source/image(PrtSc): Found And Explained

With the title of the ring wing Lockheed commercial transport it would be 52 meters long with a wing uh circumference of 7.4 meters the wing itself would be a low mid length attachment before arching backwards 27 degrees to attach itself to the tail of the aircraft the overall height is a substantial reaching up to 23 meters. Watch the video from Found And Explained for more info:

Lockheed wonder if this concept could also be used for future fighter jets but then they thought why not make it a little bigger it’s the 1980s and Lockheed needs a new aircraft to beat back MD and Boeing for the trophy of the world’s best commercial aircraft Builder.


So enter in our aerospace engineer star Rolo Smithers you might have actually heard of him before as he’s the brainchild of the Lockheed flatbed aircraft that we’ve already covered on the channel so you know that this concept is just as wacky but it’s this ring wing commercial monster that he came up with that’s the focus of today’s video./source