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Self-Build 3D Printed Arduino Hollow Clock


The Arduino Hollow Clock is a unique project that combines art and technology to create a mesmerizing and functional timepiece.This clock features a minimalist design, with a hollowed-out frame that reveals the inner workings of the clock.

source/image: The Wrench

In this video project from The Wrench, we’ll look closer at the Arduino Hollow Clock, how it works, and how you can build one for yourself. Hollow Clock is a fantastic 3D printed take on a clock movement that uses a hidden mechanism to pull off its unusual operation.

The holo clock is built is using an Arduino board, 3D-printed parts, a stepper motor, and some other electronic components. The clock is designed to be placed on a desk.How this clock works: the longer minute hand is connected to the white ring, and it is in fact this ring that rotates, taking the attached minute hand with it.


The Frame is arranged in a circular pattern, and they keep moving to indicate the current time.But how does the hour hand remain stationary while the rest turns? A concealed shaft and gear assembly takes care of that. For every full rotation of the minute hand (actually the white ring), the hour hand is only permitted a relative advancement of 1/12th of a rotation./The Wrench