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SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition RV


SAIC, is literally taking things to another level with the Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition, a two-story house-on-wheels with more floor space than some of the apartments I’ve lived in.The SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition RV looks like a traditional C-class motorhome on the road, once you pull up to the campsite, you’ll quickly see it’s anything but.

source/image: Autó-Motor

The V90 Villa Edition looks much like any other RV, until you park it and start opening it up. The pop-up roof expands to reveal a full upper level, complete with a Zen tea room and a walk-out deck. Accessed by an elevator, the glass-enclosed level can be used as a light-filled tea room or a yoga studio.

source/image: saicmaxus

Below, the main living area also has two slide outs expanding the space to 215 square feet,this space includes the living room, kitchen, “luxury bar,” there’s also a bathroom with a shower in the rear and a sleeping area in the front.


The RV is powered by a High-performance diesel engine “SAIC π”, equipped with 6AT gearbox and 2.0T “SAIC π” high-performance diesel engine,the maximum peak power is 110kW; the maximum torque is 375N·m.

There’s also a pull-out cooking area behind the RV’s rear passenger-side wheel that can turn your campsite into a kitchen with an even better view.The living room centers around an L-shaped sofa that makes great use of the space. Opposite the couch is a media center with a large flat-screen TV and an entertainment hub.