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Couple’s Self Built Tiny House On Wheels In France


In this weeks episode we meet Agathe and Anton, a talented couple who set about building their dream tiny house. Constructed using natural materials and with bioclimatic concepts in mind, this tiny house has truly been a life-changing project.

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

Amorously named ‘La Petite Grain’ or ‘The Little Seed’, this tiny home was built to house the values of Agathe and Anton, who desired to live in a place which was minimalist, energy efficient, ecologically designed and of course constructed with symmetry and beauty.

Situated in France, this tiny house has been constructed using natural materials and is an efficiently built home.


Both the interior and exterior have been exceptionally well designed and lovingly crafted in order to make the home not only a functional place to live but also a joy to behold./Living Big In A Tiny House