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Couple’s Self-Converted School Bus With a 15″ Roof Raise


Sam and Jordan live in a self-converted school bus with a 15″ roof raise, allowing for a raised bed with tons of added exterior storage space. These two wine enthusiasts have used wine and wine supplies as a theme for the interior of their skoolie, with wine boxes, cork walls, and even a wine cellar drawer!

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

In the hallway, you’ll find a split toilet room on one side and a shower with a tub on the other, adding to the comfort and convenience of their tiny home.

One unique feature of the skoolie is that they recycled several items from their house, removing the base from their old couch, building under-storage, and repurposing a desk by removing the legs and mounting it on the wall.


Their rig has a top-loading fridge, plenty of countertop space, and upper cabinets in the kitchen, making meal prep and storage a breeze. The deep and large sink is perfect for doing dishes or washing up. The best part of this fantastic DIY build is a super unique bookcase that pops out from the wall, adding to the character and charm of the space!