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CX Air Dynamics First Airbag-Equipped For Bikers


A patented airbag pants unique in the world to protect the lower body of bikers and scooter riders.CX Air Dynamics’ Cascades airbag pants may look strange, but they might save your life, especially motorcycle riders.

source/image: CX Air Dynamics

The pleasure and sensations of the bike without sacrificing safety: so you don’t have to choose between protection, design and practicality, we have concentrated the best of protective equipment technology in our world-patented pants.

Custom-made airbag to protect vulnerable areas.Anti-rain and anti-abrasive textile.Rechargeable compressed air cartridge with trigger cable.Quick to put on with its zippers, slips over any pants.Adaptable to all morphologies thanks to adjustment scratches .Pelvic and knee mobility, whether or not inflated.Lightweight, fits in the helmet for minimal footprint.Available in 5 unisex sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.


They’re confident enough in their product that they had a rider slip them on, then drive into a car at 65 km/h (40 mph).But they’re here now, in a couple of different flavors – both of which are triggered by clip-on cables connecting the pants to the bike, and both of which can be reloaded after firing with a replacement CO2 bulb.Inside the jeans is the airbag system, which zips off for washing. The airbags here extend only down to the knee, but there are pockets dangling below them with CE-approved knee armor cups in there.

VIACX Air Dynamics
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