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Couple’s Spectacular Tiny House For City Escape Country Life


In many ways, building a home is like crafting a new member of your family. It’s something that has it’s own personality and supports you through the challenges of life. That’s exactly the remarkable design approach that Sarah and Clay took with their stunning Tiny House on wheels.

image: Living Big In A Tiny House

During the long lockdowns, the couple had an opportunity to evaluate their lives and decided they no longer wanted to be in the city paying high rent without security and loved the idea of having a place to call their own. A tiny house was the perfect solution.

A good tiny house reflects the lifestyle and personality of those who will occupy it. It’s a place that you construct to contain your hopes and dreams while providing shelter from storms, both physical and metaphorical.


From the moment Sarah and Clay began to draw out their tiny house dreams on paper, they have carried themselves into the process and the resulting home is a place they can be immensely proud to call home sweet tiny home.