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Couple’s Van Life In A Renovated VW Kombi Westfalia


If you’re wanting to live a life on the road, there are few homes that will travel quite so well as a van and of those vans, there are few more iconic than a Kombi Westfalia camper. Kylie and Stu have beautifully renovated their old sage green camper into an incredible tiny home on wheels.

source/image: Living Big In A Tiny House

The van has been beautifully renovated using almost entirely recycled and salvaged materials, mostly pallet wood. Kylie and Stu had dreamed of living in a Kombi van and did the entire renovation themselves. In this video, we dive into the build process, as well as learn what it’s like to live full time in a VW Kombi van.

Taking to the road and living the van life in a beautifully renovated VW Kombi Westfalia, this couple are exploring Australia and working to earn their parking spots as volunteers at sustainable communities and farms all over the continent.


There’s lots of storage space which has been added to the van, including a beautiful set of draws which has been made out of pallet wood and which uses a collection of old miss-matched handles found in op shops. On top of this draw set is a kitchen work bench and the couple even found room for a Dometic 12v fridge which sits between the two front seats of the vehicle.

VIALiving Big In A Tiny House
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