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DIY Self-Built ProMaster Made With Gorgeous Sinker Cypress


Jake is a van lifer from Louisiana who converted his ProMaster van into a tiny functional home on wheels. In addition to falling in love with the van life community, Jake has been traveling full-time in his DIY ProMaster van.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

His rig has a fully equipped kitchen, which includes a stove/oven, tiny fridge, small farmhouse sink, and stunning live-edge worktops crafted from Sinker Cypress, a local wood. Also, most of the wood used in the van is recycled, making it sustainable and environmentally responsible!

Jake has added a full bed with top cabinet space to keep the van comfy. The front seat can be turned around, making it the perfect spot for guests, a desk, and dining.


His van has a garage where he keeps his tools, water supply, propane tank, and outdoor equipment. Jake has made every effort to make his van life adventure convenient and comfortable!//Tiny Home Tours