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Cozy Ambulance Tiny Home Conversion


Join Cole and Shea as they give a tour of their unique home on wheels, an ambulance converted into a cozy, functional living space tailored to their nomadic lifestyle. This couple has transformed a symbol of urgency into a haven of creativity and tranquility, all while maintaining the spirit of adventure and travel.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Discover the perks of choosing an ambulance as a base for their tiny home conversion, especially the abundant outdoor storage. Cole and Shea dive into how this unconventional choice provided them with the sturdy and spacious foundation they needed for their home and woodshop.

Explore their compact kitchen area with black walnut countertops sourced from a single slab and a versatile sink that doubles as a shower system. Despite its size, the kitchen is fully functional with an induction stovetop and thoughtfully designed storage solutions underneath, including space for their heater and utensils.


The van’s multifunctional space serves as their bedroom, living room, dining area, and office. A custom-sized bed fits perfectly, allowing for comfort and efficiency, paired with storage solutions that include original ambulance cabinets given a new lease on life.From a hidden bathroom to a multifunctional garage space, every inch of the ambulance has been maximized for storage and utility. Their creative approach includes a flip-up counter for woodworking, compartmentalized sections for tools and adventure gear, and even a dartboard for leisure moments.