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Fully Functioning Street Legal Airplane Limousine


The official LimoJet is the world’s first ever #Jet turned into a fully functioning, street legal limousine. All components in the Limo Jet are custom made and designed for the Limo-Jet itself. The world’s 1st and only Learjet limousine. Over 40,000 hours have gone into this project. We converted a retired fuselage jet from the aviation graveyard, gutted out the whole thing and transformed it into a fully functional one of a kind ride!

source.image: Limo Jet™️

At 42-feet-long, the Limo-Jet began its life as a regional aircraft manufactured by Learjet.Patience, detail and many hours have gone into crafting this one of a king luxurious ride!The limojet is powered by a 400 hp 8.1-liter Chevrolet Vortec V8 engine that can take it as fast as 100 mph.

Making the limo stand out even further is the Dark Candy Red paint and a set of red and black 28-inch wheels. Inside, there is a large bench seat clad in black leather with red contrast stitching on one side while the other side of the cabin has a bar.


There is also plenty of underfloor lighting, an upgraded audio system, and a large TV.The seats in rows gave way to a huge black sofa, along with various colored finishes and LED lighting. The windows were kept functional, as on the original plane.