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Cozy Truck Camper RV 4 Season Tiny Home Living


Join Kenzie and her companion Kai on an inspiring journey through their life on the road in a truck camper. This tour showcases Kenzie’s innovative solutions for living comfortably in a compact space, her adventures, and the unique modifications she’s made to her home on wheels.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Step inside Kenzie’s truck camper and explore the multifunctional interior. The bench seat serves as an ideal spot for dining and working on her computer, a feature she cherishes in her mobile home. She has creatively utilized throw pillows on the couch for winter clothing storage, blending practicality with style. A custom-built cabinet provides additional storage and discreetly houses her unique toilet solution – a bucket with a toilet seat, chosen for its compact size and affordability.

Discover how Kenzie has ingeniously combined her kitchen and bathroom. She uses the same sink and faucet for both washing dishes and personal hygiene tasks. Despite its shallow design, the sink is functional for her needs. Nearby, a mirror serves as a convenient spot for daily grooming routines. This area exemplifies the resourcefulness required in tiny living spaces.Kenzie’s camper is equipped with a battery bank powered by solar panels, ensuring she has enough energy for off-grid living.


Her power setup includes a 400-watt solar array on the camper’s roof and a battery system that supports her refrigerator and other low-draw electrical appliances.The camper is mounted on a 2016 Toyota Tundra, chosen for its carrying capacity and compatibility with the Camp Lite 5.7 camper. Kenzie appreciates the tranquility of the drive, not having to worry about her belongings rattling around in the back. The truck’s back windshield rolls down, providing easy access to the camper, a feature particularly important for late-night transitions.